1. The Ultimate Blessedness That Comes From Our Attachment And Reliance To God Father Yves Marchildon 11:23
  2. What Is Mission. Success? Father Sean Wenger 17:13
  3. The Joy of The Lord Is Our Strength Father Sean Wenger 15:06
  4. The Cost of Mission Father Sean Wenger 19:26
  5. Relying On The Holy Spirit To Accomplish Our Mission Father Yves Marchildon 17:01
  6. Our Cooperation With The Holy Spirit And Our Response To God's Covenant Relationship Of Love Father Yves Marchildon 13:27
  7. Be Baptized in the Holy Spirit Father Sean Wenger 17:10
  8. Jesus: The Good News of Christmas And Our Joy, The Joy of Magi And The Joy of the World Father Yves Marchildon 16:28
  9. Receiving What's of Value Father Sean Wenger 16:54