1. Our Sustained Identity As Active Agents of Evangelization Deacon Charles Fink 16:04
  2. How The Message of Salvation Can Be Communicated? Father Yves Marchildon 10:55
  3. Abundance or Scarcity? Father Sean Wenger 15:49
  4. True Membership And Unity In God's Divine Family Father John Likozar 14:54
  5. God's Covenanted Love Father Sean Wenger 18:01
  6. The Tasks That We, As Jesus' Disciples, Should Fulfill Father John Likozar 10:25
  7. Pentecost Sunday: A Time To Focus More Deeply Upon The Gift That The Holy Spirit Is For Us Father John Likozar 18:56
  8. Contemplating Three Things Associated With The Feast of The Ascension of the Lord Father John Likozar 18:46