1. True Membership And Unity In God's Divine Family Father John Likozar 14:54
  2. God's Covenanted Love Father Sean Wenger 18:01
  3. The Tasks That We, As Jesus' Disciples, Should Fulfill Father John Likozar 10:25
  4. Pentecost Sunday: A Time To Focus More Deeply Upon The Gift That The Holy Spirit Is For Us Father John Likozar 18:56
  5. Contemplating Three Things Associated With The Feast of The Ascension of the Lord Father John Likozar 18:46
  6. Trusting God's Gifts Father Sean Wenger 15:59
  7. The Fruit of Worship Father Sean Wenger 16:45
  8. The Origin Of The Feast Of Our Lady of Good Counsel Deacon Charles Fink 17:35
  9. The Good Shepherd Who Has Come To Lay Down His Life For His Sheep Father John Likozar 13:27
  10. The Five Barriers To Peace In Our Lives Deacon Charles Fink 19:29
  11. Our Invitation As The Body of Christ To Seek Repentance, Reconciliation And Unity With Jesus Father John Likozar 12:21
  12. A Story That The World Will Listen To Father Sean Wenger 18:09
  13. "Paid In Full": The Meaning of Jesus' Last Words On The Cross Father John Likozar 18:16
  14. Remember and Repeat! Father Sean Wenger 15:22
  15. I'm Invited In Father Sean Wenger 29:49
  16. A Vision Statement For The 1st "L" - I Love God: Our Worship Transforms Us Father Sean Wenger 15:36
  17. Be The Message You Proclaim Father Sean Wenger 18:45
  18. Not For My Benefit But That Of The Many Father Sean Wenger 12:33
  19. Commitment Sunday: What Will We See? Father Sean Wenger 14:49
  20. How Can I Respond to the Foundations for a Wider Reach? Father Sean Wenger 21:51
  21. Why Are We Doing The Wider Reach Campaign Now? Father Sean Wenger 21:43
  22. Why Are We Doing The Wider Reach Campaign? Father Sean Wenger 18:17
  23. What Is The Wider Reach Campaign? Father Sean Wenger 16:46
  24. There's Only One Choice Worth Anything! Father Sean Wenger 16:12
  25. Say Yes . . . and Yes! (Two Invitations From God) Father Sean Wenger 18:54