1. Preparing Our Hearts For The Coming of Our Lord And Saviour Father Yves Marchildon 13:36
  2. Stand Up and Raise Your Heads Father Sean Wenger 17:28
  3. Being Called To Actively Participate In Jesus' Royal Priesthood Father Yves Marchildon 12:56
  4. Reflecting On The True And Actual Priorities Of Our Lives Bishop Scott McCaig 20:29
  5. Never Empty, Never Dry (The Shared Experience of Worship) Father Sean Wenger 22:14
  6. Ready Or Not . . . Offer It All (Participation In Mass II) Father Yves Marchildon 16:42
  7. At My Best . . . Lay Down, Shout Out, Listen Up! (Participation in Mass I) Father Sean Wenger 20:38
  8. At My Best . . . Preparation For Worship Father Yves Marchildon 20:59
  9. At My Best: The What and Why of Worship Father Sean Wenger 21:47