1. Give the Right Answer Father Yves Marchildon 13:32
  2. Where Is God Now? Where Is God Leading Us? How Can We Respond? Father Sean Wenger 17:30
  3. Seeking To Love The Living God With Our Whole Hearts, Minds, And Spirit Father Yves Marchildon 12:42
  4. Which Church? Father Sean Wenger 17:40
  5. The Gift of The Real And Eternal Presence of Jesus in The Eucharist Father Yves Marchildon 15:02
  6. The Eucharist: The Spiritual Food and Nourishment For Our Journey Deacon Charles Fink 18:37
  7. Yes, I believe in Jesus Father Sean Wenger 15:28
  8. Abundant Fruitfulness: The Abundance That We All Long For Father Sean Wenger 17:35
  9. How The Good Shepherd Refreshes And Restores Our Spiritual Souls Father Yves Marchildon 12:02