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News Update: 2021.11.12

Special Collection: Catholic Missions in Canada Great News! After consultation with others including the ACBO, Archbishop Marcel has approved that congregational singing be allowed again. The other COVID-19 preventative measures are to remain in place including the wearing of a face mask and two-metre physical distancing. Hallelujah! Please be advised Parking is NOT permitted within 30m of an underpass. Last weekend a number of parishioners received a ticket for parking under the Queensway and along a stretch of Bayswater. Please…

News Update: 2021.11.05

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes – Collecting Full Boxes Hallelujah! We handed out 150 empty shoeboxes over the past 2 weekends! St. Mary’s parishioners are so generous! We look forward to collecting all of the filled boxes this weekend November 6th and 7th. We will also collect them the following weekend November 13th and 14th in the event that people cannot bring them earlier. Knights of Columbus Recruitment Drive St Mary’s K of C council will be having a recruitment drive…

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Our Pastors

Fr. Mark Goring, CC

When I was first ordained, I was the associate pastor at St. Mary’s for 4 years. It’s nice to be back! I’ve also worked as the Companions of the Cross Vocations Direction, Chaplain at York University in Toronto and Director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas

Fr. Ken Lao, CC

On August 15, 2008, I joined the Companions of the Cross in Ottawa. I was ordained to the priesthood on June 6, 2015 and I spent my first two years as Associate Pastor at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Toronto. I was then assigned to be the Pastoral Administrator at Holy Trinity Pastoral Unity in Halifax, NS in 2017, before receiving my present assignment as Associate Pastor here at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa.


Give It All

Detach yourselves from your self-will. It will cost a lot. Whenever we offer up our self-will, we will be crucified.

Three Loves

This week, during your daily prayer time, write down three things you love. Search your heart and ponder. What do you love? What is in your heart that you love?