Chris Currie

Chris Currie

I was born in Montreal, but I’ve spent more than half my life here in Ottawa. My father served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, so I’ve also lived in PEI, Nova Scotia, BC, and Saskatchewan and Ottawa. I joined the military at 17 in the Governor General Foot Guards reserves, and served in the Army until the age of 40. I studied at the Royal Military College in Kingston and served in National Defence for 47 years as both an Army Engineer Officer and an auditor. 

I’ve been the Chair of the St. Mary’s Pastoral Council since 2012, and more recently a member of the parish’s Leadership Team. I’m also involved with the Night of Worship and Ministry and with prayer teams after Mass. I’ve helped develop a parish case for change and a new parish mission, vision, and values. I also developed and recruited a new pastoral council with a different strategic mandate that will result in a five-year pastoral plan and will establish clear priorities for the parish. 

What I love about St. Mary’s 

My most immediate joy is praying with people for healing after Mass and at the Night of Worship and Ministry. I enjoy telling other people about Jesus and supporting the pastor in his efforts in parish renewal. 

Favourite saint 

I try to say the Rosary with my wife, asking Mary to intercede for our five children and eleven grandchildren. 

Favourite Ottawa coffee spot 

I like to go to McDonald’s for coffee and a muffin with my wife Mary Lou. We also enjoy Red Lobster for supper. 

Favourite travel destination 

We’ve camped across Canada and stayed in many beautiful national and provincial parks. My favourite river for canoe camping is the Madawaska River. 

Favourite movie and TV show 

The Mission was one of my favourite movies. Hockey Night in Canada is my favourite TV show – especially if the Senators win! 

On my birthday, don’t give me… 

… heavy metal music.

Finance Council Chair
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Maintenance Facilitator
Fred Wazen