Danica O’Neill

Danica O’Neill

I grew up in Vancouver and Edmonton. I had a life-changing encounter with Christ at World Youth Day Australia, which prompted me to move to Ottawa and become a NET Missionary, which I did for six years. Afterwards, I moved to Ireland and spent two more years travelling and living abroad before returning to Ottawa in 2017. 

I have a deep passion for team building, great leadership, healthy business cultures, and organizational change, so I’m currently studying towards my business management degree. My years as a parish ministry coordinator with NET Canada gave a desire in me to see parishes such as St. Mary’s thrive. 

I’ve been the Office Manager at St. Mary’s since August 2018. My main responsibilities are welcoming and helping those who contact the parish office, prepare administrative elements of the Sunday Mass, parish communications and IT, overseeing other day-to-day operations. I’m also a member of the parish’s leadership team.

I also co-lead Bayswater & Young, our young adult group. I’m passionate about building community, reaching out to those who don’t know God, and showing young adults that there is a place for them within the Church.

Favourite saint 

St. John Paul II is my man! He’s my inspiration to dive deep, live fully alive, and not settle for the mediocrity the world offers me. 

Favourite Ottawa coffee spot 

Having spent a few years as a barista, I love me a really good cup of black coffee! Try the Ministry of Coffee for the best coffee in Ottawa! 

Favourite travel destination 

I walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in 2016. But Galway, Ireland will always take the cake as my favourite place in the world. 

Hidden talent 

I love to dance! Two-step and swing dance. 

On my birthday, don’t give me… 

… bad coffee!

Finance Council Chair
Frank Barrett
Coordinator of Pastoral Ministries
Sister Anna Chan