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Drive-In Communion

There will be outdoor distribution of Holy Communion in the parking lot of St. Mary’s Parish. This will continue each Sunday during the lock-down between 10:30am and 12:00pm. Knights of Columbus will be present to direct traffic into and through the parking lot in an orderly manner, so that vehicle occupants can receive the Eucharist. Instructions: Enter the parking…

Christmas at St. Mary’s

As of Province wide Lockdown beginning December 26th there will be no Public Masses until Further Notice. Please continue to watch online following the online schedule below! We look forward to seeing all of you this Christmas season. During this season we celebrate many feast days! From Christmas to the Feast of the Epiphany, there are many opportunities to come and…

Thank You Sister Anna!

Send Sister Anna A Thank You Note! It is with heaviness of heart that the parish bids farewell to Sr. Anna as our Coordinator of Pastoral Ministries.  She has worked at St. Mary’s since 2015, five years ago. Sr. Anna has brought her many gifts to bear here at St. Mary’s to help us formulate our Mission, Vision and Values as a parish.  We have moved…