The Dating Project

The Dating Project

Join us for a screening of “The Dating Project”!

*Screening is ONLY Friday, November 8th. For the second two dates, Nov. 14 & 29, we’ll be breaking open the challenges that the movie issues.


The Dating Project is a more than a film. It’s a movement. A movement to revive, reclaim and restore dating. A big task sure, but a worthy one. Here’s the synopsis:

“Half of America […or Canada] is single. The way people seek and find love has radically changed. The hook-up culture, texting, and social media have profoundly altered the dating landscape. Traditional dating has become “outdated”, yet men and women still seek meaningful relationships. People are frustrated in love, but does anyone really know how to connect in today’s virtual world?

The film follows five single people, ages 18-40, as they search for authentic and meaningful relationships. There is no script. There are no actors. These are real people trying to find love and happiness in an age of swiping left or right.”

All human beings long for meaning. Ancient philosophers referred to this as the search for the good, the true and the beautiful. Dating can, and should be a manifestation of this search. The Dating Project contributes to this search by equipping singles for healthy dating.


Think this isn’t for you? Think again.
If you’re tired of hook-up culture and swiping left or right, the Dating Project is for you.
If you’re tired of overthinking and over-discerning a coffee date, the Dating Project is for you.
If you’re looking for a meaningful and authentic relationship, the Dating Project is for you.
If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, the Dating Project is still for you. Help the conversation and help your single friends.


The Dating Project is a 3-evening event. We’re screening the movie on Friday, Nov. 8 and will meet again for two follow-up sessions to continue the conversation on Thursday, Nov. 14 and Friday, Nov. 29. Feel free to join us after each session for drinks at the Heart & Crown on Preston St. !


We’re requesting a $5 donation at the door. This helps us cover the license fees that are required to screen the movie.

Join the movement. #DateDifferently

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