Pastoral Council

Natalia Lacar

Being born and raised in the Philippines gave me the opportunity to serve marginalized sectors of society in Asia as a youth leader and engage in missionary work in a poor rural area. St. Mary’s became my home parish in 2009. It gives me so much joy and satisfaction to oversee the monthly Night of Worship and Ministry and watch God at work in our midst. My other ministry involvements include Prayer and Prophetic as a co-leader, New Life Retreat…

Jackie O’Donnell

Pascale DeFrahan

I was born in Bukavu, Congo. a Belgian colony at the time. My Belgian parents met and married there. We immigrated to Montreal when I was 2. We grew up in a Catholic household, went to church and I attended Catholic school. I spent my youth in Montreal. We then moved to Halifax for a few years and then finally to Ottawa. I went to college in Ottawa and started working at a bank. I am still employed at the…

Jonathan Rogers

Pierre-Alain Giffard