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Below, you can listen and watch Sunday Mass homilies from our pastors as well as talks from our monthly Night of Worship and Ministry.

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Homilies and Talks

Make the Mission Fruitful

Just like St. Paul, we need to crucify our selfishness, pride, self reliance and self will. Everyday we have to chose to crucify these things. As we crucify these things, we will have more room for Christ to live in us. If Christ lives in you , you can do what Jesus did. You can proclaim the Gospel and see conversion. You can pray for healing and see the sick healed. Here are 3 keys to be fruitful in mission:…

The World Needs the Love of God

Cultivate a heart of compassion for the people around you. Let your heart go out to these people. Have sympathy for those around you who are struggling. Try to see people the way the Lord sees them.

What if?

What if Jesus was not born? What if we didn’t receive this greatest gift? God loves us so much that he gave us his only Son. He is the greatest gift to us. What is our response? Cherish this gift. Receive this gift and grow in relationship with him. Deepen your faith in him and share the gift with others.

Do You Have Joy?

Joy is not based on circumstances. It is based in our relationship with God. The more we acknowledge that we need a saviour, the the more we will experience joy.