Homilies from January 2023

What’s My Next Step?

In the Guardian Angel prayer, it states that our Guardian Angels light, guard, rule, and guide. Where is our Guardian Angel meant to guide us? Maybe you’re wondering where the Lord is leading you. Often, he only reveals the next right step, illuminating the path one phase at a time. When Jesus called his Apostles, he simply told them to follow him; he didn’t tell them exactly what the next three years would look like, but gave them a simple…

The Humanity of Jesus

Little is known about Jesus’ childhood, as the Gospels skip from Jesus’ birth to his public ministry. We can imagine that he had an upbringing that was similar to ours, and that is because Jesus is fully man and fully God. Fr. Ken explains that the humanity of Jesus should be a source of hope for us. Jesus truly understands the human experience; he was tempted like us, felt sadness like us, and suffered like us. He had to become…

To Light, to Guard, to Rule, to Guide

Our Guardian Angels play a special role in our lives. As is outlined in the Guardian Angel prayer, they light, guard, rule, and guide. Ultimately, they reiterate God’s unique love for each of us. God provides a Guardian Angel to all of us, which speaks to the inherent dignity of each human being. As Fr. Mark explains, many Saints have had direct experiences with their Guardian Angels, and as Catholics, we are invited to do the same.

Bridge to the New Year

Fr. Ken shares how Mary was a bridge in his life; a bridge that delivered him from his struggles with mental health. We know that God is our Father, but sometimes we forget that Mary is our mother. As we begin this new year, let us not forget that Mary holds our hand while we cross the bridge from 2022 to 2023.

It’s Going to be a Good Year

As we begin a new year, the Church honours Mary, the Holy Mother of God who, in her Magnificat, rejoices in the Lord. Mary was in touch with the reality of the spiritual realm, and one way we can be in touch with that reality is by learning about our Guardian Angel. Fr. Mark reminds us that, as followers of Christ, we will go through trials and ordeals, but ultimately through Jesus it’s going to be a good year.