Homilies from February 2023

Fulfilling the Law of Love

Many people see the Catholic faith as simply a set of rules. In truth, our faith is meant to be a relationship – a communion between ourselves and God. Like any relationship, there are rules that must be followed. The Church admits that the Law is not perfect – it is a set of rules to live by, but the Law itself does not give us the strength we need to follow God’s commandments. Fr. Ken explains that Jesus is…

Serving the Poor in Our Community

We have a silent epidemic in our society; an epidemic of drug addiction, mental health, and poverty. As Christians, the Lord calls us again and again to serve the poor. St. Mother Teresa encouraged her followers to, “find their own Calcutta” – serve the impoverished members of their own communities. Fr. Mark explains how we can serve the poor in our neighbourhood and what St. Mary’s Parish is doing to respond to this call.

Humbled and Blessed

Sometimes we are confused as to what the true meaning of humility is. Humility is not thinking less of yourself; rather, it is thinking of yourself less. Pride is something we all struggle with. Fr. Ken explains how to identify pride in your life and how to increase in humility.