Humility is the Path to Greatness

Humility is the Path to Greatness

We are all called to humility.

Pride can manifest in:

  • wanting to seek attention,
  • wanting to be better,
  • an inability in handling constructive criticism,
  • being critical of others,
  • and being un-teachable.

Pride proceeds in a subtle and gradual way. We are called to grow in humility in relationship to God, others, and ourselves

In relation to God

Acknowledge that God is God and we are not. Let go of control and let God be in charge.


Be happy of the progress of others.


If we are humble, and we know our identity rests in God, we are even keeled whether we are being praised or criticized

We are all called to greatness. But, greatness comes with humility. Humility is the path to greatness.