Homilies by Fr. Mark Goring, CC (Page 5)

Jesus Still Heals

The Lord still pours out his healing power today. We proclaim that Jesus is alive. He wants us to pray for healing and he hears our prayers. If we want to see the world believe in Jesus, we need to proclaim him as he revealed himself. We need to let the Lord do what he wants to do. When we proclaim what God has done in our lives people often take the Gospel seriously. We have stories and can witness…

Deep Living

Let the Word of God pierce us. Christians are not meant to live shallow lives. We are meant to live out of the depths of our hearts.

Self Knowledge

Learn to let the Shepherd fill you and restore you because we have a mission. We need to bring the Gospel to people no matter what.

Can You Testify?!

We need to be ready to testify. Reflect and ask yourself, “Am I willing and ready to acknowledge Jesus before others?” We need to do this. We want to have a church with people who will testify!