World Youth Day 2023

World Youth Day 2023

We have several members of our community attending World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. Please consider supporting them!

Theresa Rose Anderson

My reason for going to WYD is that I feel called to be a pilgrim. I need this time to be reminded of  where I come from and where I am going. To be relying on God’s providence and his Holy Spirit to guide my path. 

I will travel with the intention of renewing my commitment to Christ and His will for my life and also for the intentions of all those who ask for prayers. Most of all, I want to deepen in my relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through this WYD pilgrimage.

Owen Brine

Hello! I’m Owen Brine, a first year at Carleton studying Industrial Design. I love sketching, creating, playing piano, and spending time in nature. I live in Ottawa with my parents and 4 siblings, and I attend St. Mary’s Parish where I am involved in the youth group and music ministry. Our mission will be to invite young Catholics attending WYD from all around the world to make Jesus the center of their life!

Catherine Cardeal 

WYD Lisbon 2023 Chaperon, responsible for accompanying and supervising the youth travelling from Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall. I’m a dual citizen of Canada and Portugal, and fluent in Portuguese. I’ve helped to prepare the youth from Ottawa by giving a lesson on important Portuguese phrases to know. I’ll be providing Portuguese translations of daily prayers. I’m asking for Financial Gifts to cover costs of the travel, Insurance and stay expenses, approx $4000. Cash or Cheque Gifts can be made in person. An email acknowledgement will be sent to you for your records. A summary of the total gifts and spending will be sent as well as photos’ and videos of the WYD 2023 Trip. Any extra funds will be donated back to St Mary’s Parish, Ottawa.

Camille Dubeau

I am going to WYD to grow in my faith. I believe that meeting other young Catholics who share the same faith will greatly help me. I also look forward to visiting Fatima since I have grown fond of our Blessed Lady by hearing about the apparitions in Fatima.

Elizabeth du Quesnay

Hello! My name is Elizabeth du Quesnay, and I am a first-year student studying Second Language Teaching (FSL) at uOttawa.I go to St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, and I’m involved in the parish youth group as a leader. I got involved with CCO on my campus this year and fell in love with their mission: to equip students to lead their peers into the Ultimate Relationship with Jesus. I am so excited to share His love with young Catholics from all over the world in Portugal!

Bella Villeneuve

Hello hello! My name is Anabella Villeneuve, and I am in my second year of Software Engineering at Carleton University. I have been attending St. Mary’s Parish for as long as I can remember, and I have always loved being involved with the many ministries in my church. Within the past several months God has really put it on my heart that the church is in dire need of a renewal, and that he wants me to do something about it. We are all called to aid in this renewal, and in my case I have felt called to go on mission with CCO. I hope to be able to spread the love and truth of Jesus Christ during World Youth Day, which I have come to know so deeply during my faith journey.