News Update: 2022.03.11

News Update: 2022.03.11

Second Sunday of Lent

This is my Son, My Chosen; listen to him.

Luke 9:35

Day of Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

As a sign of our solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Christ, this Sunday’s celebration of the Eucharist on March 12th, the Second Sunday of Lent, has been designated a day of prayer for an end to the invasion of Ukraine and for the well-being of the Ukrainian people. 

Throughout this Lenten period, we encourage any efforts to pray for an end to this injustice that is resulting in so much suffering and death in Ukraine. Let us offer personal prayers, the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a favorite Litany, Eucharistic adoration or other prayers as well as our fasts, for peace in Ukraine. Let us intensify our pleas to the Lord for an end to senseless acts of war and for the assistance of the Ukrainian people. 

May our Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, intercede for the people of Ukraine.

COVID-19 restrictions at St. Mary’s that ended on Tuesday, March 1st!

  • All capacity limits on religious services will be lifted.
  • All capacity limits on social gatherings will be lifted.
  • Physical distancing between households will no longer be required.
  • Recording names for contact tracing will no longer be required.
  • Pre-registration for Mass will no longer be required.
  • Congregational singing will be permitted.
  • All masking requirements will remain in place.
  • Hand hygiene measures will remain in place.

St. Mary’s continues to comply with the advice, recommendations, and instructions of public health officials, and we request that you continue to do the same.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe!

Volunteers Needed 

Seniors Ministry is looking for a volunteer to pick up an elderly woman for Sunday Mass, The elderly woman lives at Carling & Woodroffe.

The Seniors Ministry is also looking for a Volunteer to lead the Seniors Ministry. 

If you are available to volunteer, please email the office at

Development & Peace is looking for a Volunteer to be it’s representative at St. Mary’s Parish. 

If you are interested in being the Development & Peace Representative for our parish, please contact the office at 613 728 9811

Men of God!

Men of the parish.  Secular forces are trying to breach the foundations of faith such as family values and the availability of the sacraments. Take your place in this spiritual battle line and step into the breach with the men of the parish on the last Tuesday night of each month 7:00-8:30 pm starting 29 March 2022. INTO THE BREACH is an inspiring video series with discussion groups developed by the Knights of Columbus.  Wives will you pray for your man? His brothers in the parish need him. Register by contacting

Do you know your story?

Are you willing to testify to others so that they may come to know Christ? We are inviting you to share your 3-minute testimony as part of Stories of Hope.

For more information, and for an easy-to-follow guide for writing your testimony, visit 

Join Father Mark on a St. Patrick’s Day Walking Pilgrimage 

Fr. Mark Goring will be joining a group of men on a 28 km (approximately 6 hours) walking pilgrimage on St. Patrick’s Day. The pilgrimage begins at St. Patrick’s Fallowfield and ends at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Downtown Ottawa. All are welcome to join. This will be a semi-independent event (ie. there is no formal support or organizational team for this walk – be prepared to call an uber if you get tired) All are welcome to join. Departure time is 10AM from St. Patrick’s Fallowfield parking lot. For more information contact Bryne Egan:  613-986-7236.

Online School of Evangelization

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2022, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT

Description: Empowered to Share the Gospel

This is a virtual retreat put on by the Seminarians of the Companions of the Cross, which is open to anyone who wants to be empowered on how to share their Christian faith with others. The talks will teach you what the Gospel is and give you effective ways to share it, all while being coupled with fostering an openness to the Holy Spirit who is able to make all this happen. You will leave with a new awareness of the urgency of evangelization, and be equipped to actually carry it out within your spheres of influence!

Register: by March 16th

Night of Worship and Ministry

Come join us on January 28, 2022 (7-9 pm) for an evening of praise, prophecy, teaching, and healing.  

Theme: The Crown is Won

Speaker: Marcel Dion

Co-founder of Magnificat Ministries

ONLINE @ St. Mary’s Youtube Channel ( Mary’s Parish – Ottawannel/UCtV6m7ZoNkrK4HJOSU6jQFA

or Facebook (

For more information, please contact Natalia Lacar (

Saint Patrick’s Home Shamrock Fundraiser

Please consider making a good will offering for Saint Patrick’s Residence. Shamrocks will be available in a donation box at the back table of the parish. Funds raised are used to directly impact the lives of the residents in a positive way” 

Development and Peace

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada is the official international solidarity organization of the Catholic Church in Canada. They partner with organizations in the Global South that promote alternatives to unjust social, political and economic structures and support women in their quest for equality and justice. With the help of over 11,000 volunteers, D&P informs Canadians about the root causes of poverty and mobilizes them to act for change. D&P’s Lenten campaign, People and Planet First, offers us the opportunity to help protect vulnerable communities and ecosystems from corporate abuse. Download your Solidarity Calendar here and collect donations throughout Lent. Donate the money in the Solidarity Sunday collection on April 3rd or donate online at

Development & Peace is looking for a Volunteer to be it’s representative at St. Mary’s Parish. If you are interested in being the Development & Peace Representative for our parish, please contact the office at 613 728 9811

Archbishop’s Letter for Lent

How ​will we live the next few weeks leading up to Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross and his glorious victory over death and evil? Full text of the letter is available at

Key Synodal Principles for the Archdiocese

We are now in the heart of our synodal process and have learned some things along the way. We’ve put together a small summary of 5 key principles for our diocesan synodal process which outline what matters most to us and what’s been happening so far. You can find this document at this link.

For More Diocesan Information and Local Events, please visit .