News Update: 2022.07.29

News Update: 2022.07.29

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations 

Psalm 90

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

One in the Spirit (singles aged 35+) please join us at our next gathering 

Date: Sunday July 31, 2022 
Time: Drop in, after 1:30pm
Place: 93 Young Street (across from St. Mary’s Church)

Refreshments will be served.

What is One in the Spirit? We are a group of single people over the age of 35 who gather to praise the Lord, socialize, and support each other on our faith journey. Our simple prayer is that we respond to our various callings with courage and faith, in unity with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Family – our Church. 

An Irish Famine Remembrance Ceremony 

His Excellency the Ambassador of Ireland to Canada, Dr. Eamonn McKee invites you to attend an Irish Famine Remembrance Ceremony honouring the memory of those who tended to the thousands of Irish Famine refugees who arrived in Bytown/Ottawa in 1847, and to commemorate those who died and were laid to rest. 

The memorial will be held at MacDonald Gardens on Thursday 4 August at 11:00am. 

Speakers include: 

James Maloney, MP Office of the Mayor of Ottawa 
Professor Mark McGowan, St. Michael’s College, Toronto Michael McBane, Historian 

MacDonald Gardens is located at the corner of Cobourg and Heney Streets 

(just north of Rideau St.)

Papal Visit

To visit the official Website of the Pope’s Visit to Canada click here 

Synod Resources

We are continuing to include on the website some resources that come to us from various parts of the world, such as the song “Walking Together” by the African Synodality Initiative (to see and listen to) or How to conduct listening sessions with people with disabilities from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. And much more…

The African Synodality Initiative presents “Walking Together,” a song written and arranged by Francis Kyalo SJ. It was produced in partnership with the Bosco Eastern Africa Multimedia Services (BEAMS) in Nairobi, Kenya.