Night of Worship and Ministry

Night of Worship and Ministry

Night of Worship and Ministry Poster

At the Night of Worship & Ministry, you will experience the community coming together. There is an extended time of music where we give our praise and worship to God. You will hear a teaching from a guest speaker on a specific theme, which changes each month, and testimony from someone who has experienced God at work in their life. You will also have an opportunity to be prayed with, if you choose. Our prayer teams are pairs of people who are available to pray with anyone who has any type of need. Come and see the Lord minister to His people in power as we worship Him!

What is Praise?

Praise is offering our thanksgiving to God and calling attention to His glory. When we praise we offer gratitude for God’s blessings and declare the Good News through song. We lift our hearts and voices up to worship Him. At St. Mary’s we believe strongly in the power of praise and seek to make it especially real through the Night of Worship and Ministry.

When is the Night of Worship and Ministry?

The Night of Worship and Ministry is always the 4th Friday of the Month, 7-9 pm (except April, July and December). You are invited to join us afterwards downstairs in the parish hall for light refreshments and fellowship!

Coming Up…

As we worship, see the Lord minister to His people in power! Come join us on June 4, 2022 (7:00 pm – 9:30 pm) for an evening of praise, prophecy, teaching, and healing. 

Theme: Fire on the Earth
Speaker: Fr. Mark Goring, CC

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“Resurrection Power” / Henri Lemay
April 22, 2022
“The Crown is Won” / Marcel Dion
Co-founder of Magnificat Ministry / March 25, 2022
“Overwhelmed with Joy” / Fr. Rob Arsenault, CC
Priest with the Companions of the Cross / February 25, 2022
“Celebrate in Hope” / Fr. Francis Donnelly, CC
Priest with the Companions of the Cross / January 28, 2022
“God of New Beginnings” / Pierre O’Reilly
Executive Director of NET Canada / October 22, 2021
“Showered by Grace” / Michel MacDonald
Holds a Licentiate in Sacred Theology of Marriage and Family / September 24, 2021
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Teacher of Theology at Chesterton Academy of Ottawa | August 27th , 2021
“Building a Culture of Conversion” | André Regnier
Founder of Catholic Christian Outreach | June 25, 2021
“Encountering The Holy Spirit” / Sr. Anna Chan Foundress and General Superior of the Servants of the Cross; and Director of the Encounter School of Ministry – Ottawa Campus / May 22, 2021
“Enkindle The Fire” | Fr. Rob Arsenault, CC
Pastor of Annunciation of the Lord Parish and member of the CC Executive Council | February 26 , 2021
“Catch The Fire” | Fr. Francis Donnelly, CC
Chaplain & Member of Leadership Team – Encounter School of Ministry – Ottawa Satellite Campus | January 22 , 2021
Freedom and Joy in the Spirit” | Michael Dopp
Founder of the Mission of the Redeemer Ministries and New Evangelization Summit| November 27 , 2020
“A Time to Intercede” | Fr. Roger Vadenakker 
General Superior of the Companions of the Cross | October 23rd , 2020
The Lion and the Lamb ” | Fr. Ben St. Croix 
Spiritual Director, Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Ontario | September 25th , 2020
“ Set Free by God’s Power” | Henri Lemay, President of Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of French Canada | July 24th, 2020
“A Season of Favour” | Bishop Craig McCaig, Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada | June 26th, 2020
“Priests, Prophets and Kings” | Father Francis Donnelly | February 28, 2020
“Purified by His Grace” | Father Ken Lao | January 24, 2020
“Jesus, the Living Water” | Michael Dopp | November 22, 2019
“Consumed by His Love” | Pierre O’Reilly | October 25, 2019
“A Catholic Understanding of Healing” | Bishop Scott McCaig | September 27, 2019
“His Word Bears Fruit” | Fr. Mark Goring | August 23, 2019
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