Pascale DeFrahan

Pascale DeFrahan

I was born in Bukavu, Congo. a Belgian colony at the time. My Belgian parents met and married there. We immigrated to Montreal when I was 2. We grew up in a Catholic household, went to church and I attended Catholic school. I spent my youth in Montreal. We then moved to Halifax for a few years and then finally to Ottawa. I went to college in Ottawa and started working at a bank. I am still employed at the same bank and work as a Project Manager.

I spent most of my married life, in Montreal and Toronto. My 2 children and two grandchildren now live in Toronto. 6 years ago, I made a personal decision to move here to Ottawa to be closer to my parents to support and look after them.

One of my goals when I came to Ottawa was to find a church nearby to rebuild my faith. St. Mary’s was just up the street! I attended various formation and events St. Mary’s offered to get reacquainted with my faith. From there, I built up knowledge, relationships and my commitment to God.

I am a helper in the Library Ministry and Welcome Ministry. I represent the Pastoral Council’s Planning Committee. The key activities required from the Planning Committee has largely centered around the implementation (pre and post) of the parish surveys in June 2017 and May 2019.

What I love about St. Mary’s

Community. They are a part of my family. Also, the gentle way the homilies and other key messages are communicated.

Favourite Saint

St. Joseph: humble, faithful courageous.

Favourite Ottawa coffee spot

Artisan Bakery/eatery – right behind my house! Great coffee and food – especially breakfast – and the atmosphere is welcoming, trendy and so “Hintonburg”.

Favourite Travel Destination

North Myrtle Beach; my father took us there for summer vacation every year. Even though we could not really afford it, spending time with family on vacations was a priority and the memories would never leave us. I try going back every year and we (kids, grandkids, sisters’ families) make a point of planning our vacations together when possible.

Favourite movie and TV show

The Book of Eli. Although it’s fiction – sci fi/thriller/action – real life can imitate fiction.

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