Marriage Preparation

Véronique and Howie Fohr |

Marriage preparation is a 7-week course for engaged couples discerning marriage. The evening sessions include a talk and a time for engage couples to answer and discuss questions relating to the topic of the evening.

Upcoming Course

Winter 2024
at St. Mary's Parish
100 Young Street, Ottawa, Ontario

What to Expect

Each week, you and your fiancé will discuss a core topic crucial to a fulfilling and Christ-centred marriage. Experienced couples will present on each topic and share their invaluable experience with you. You will also have time to discuss each topic privately as a couple. Topics include:

  • Sacrament of Marriage
  • Family of Origin
  • Theology of the Body
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Parenting
  • Finances
  • Communication


Registration is currently closed. Please contact us for more information.