Sermons by Fr. Ken Lao, CC (Page 2)

Walking in Resurrection Power

Rise again in the resurrection power. We have that power to rise up and continue this fight. We don’t lose when we get knocked down. We lose when we don’t stand up.

What Enslave You?

Our natural inclination is to go back. But, we were created for freedom. The Lord wants to set us free so we can experience the fullness of life, joy, and peace.

What if?

What if Jesus was not born? What if we didn’t receive this greatest gift? God loves us so much that he gave us his only Son. He is the greatest gift to us. What is our response? Cherish this gift. Receive this gift and grow in relationship with him. Deepen your faith in him and share the gift with others.

Give It All

Detach yourselves from your self-will. It will cost a lot. Whenever we offer up our self-will, we will be crucified.