Sermons from January 2021

Are you Hearing and Sharing the Word?

What blocks us from hearing God? A Lack of Encounter – How can you hear the Lord if you haven’t encountered him? Sin – Our personal sin blocks us from hearing God. Sin separates us from God. In sin, we are so far away from God that we can’t hear him. Attachments – When we are attached to the things of this world it will detach us from God. Worries and anxieties All of us are called to be prophets.…

Where is Your Nineveh?

There is only one thing worth doing in this short life – God’s will and his plan for our lives. We all have a Nineveh, a place we are called to go to proclaim God. We all need to discover our Nineveh. The Lord wants everyone of us to have an impact on a lot of people in some way. Don’t underestimate the plans God has for your life. Don’t underestimate the number of people God wants you to impact. …

What Are You Looking For?

Let’s imitate St. Andrew and become personal evangelists introducing people to Jesus. Bringing someone to Jesus can lead to millions of saved souls.