We are made for relationship, for friendship, for community, yet it can be hard to find in our ever-increasing social-media and online world. So where can we look for that kind of friendship?

Community at St. Mary’s is such a vital part of our parish that we have intentionally created small groups of parish members.

“Small groups are a place to care for others and be cared for. Small groups come together to grow in friendship, support one another in daily life, discuss faith and journey together in the Christian walk.”

At St. Mary’s, we call small groups Small Christian Communities. These small communities are groups of 6-10 people who meet together for a few hours at a time at least twice per month and generally take place at someone’s home. Because members of small communities are growing in friendship, many of them have regular social gatherings outside of their meetings where children and families can attend.

If you join a small group, you will experience and build relationships of trust, support and encouragement as brothers and sisters in Christ. True soul friendships! You will grow in faith and learn how to apply biblical lessons in your daily life. You will also have opportunities to serve those in your small group, as well the opportunity to serve the larger parish community with your small group. Small group leaders are provided ongoing leadership training and mutual support. Eventually, you will be prepared to share your life and faith with those who are seeking community and/or may not be familiar with Jesus but would like to know more.

To learn more about Small Christian Communities or to ask about joining or starting a community, please contact Jeff & Linda Schultz at or at 819-647-3665.