St. Mary’s Got Talent

St. Mary’s Got Talent

Local St Mary’s parishioners are being invited to stay connected and get to know each other better during these challenging times. Let’s put some names to faces and get to know each other better so we can have a better sense of community.

Share a video with us, either of your talents, yourself, your family or your group. These videos will then be showcased on the St. Mary`s YouTube channel.

Your participation in this fun filled and ongoing initiative, for the foreseeable future, is essential to achieving this goal.

Hope to see you soon on the St. Mary’s YouTube Channel!!!

Suggestions to consider for your videos:
  • Testimonies; video on how you encountered God; how God is helping you cope during these challenging times; what are you grateful to God about, etc.
  • Share your artistic talents in: theatre, arts & crafts , teach a few dancing steps, create a choreography, play your favourite musical instrument(s) as a solo or as group, spoken word, etc.
  • Share your recipes by cooking in front of the video and/or sharing the recipe by text.
  • Share a special message (ie. Christmas, Easter, prayer, etc.)
  • Charades/riddles/puppets – characters from the bible.
  • Share a thought about your favourite Bible scripture.
  • Activities for children; quiz, dance, drawings, etc.
  • We invite you to come up with your own idea.

You can also visit for more ideas.

Should you have any questions or for more information, please contact Carole Clairmont via e-mail at