Music is an important of our parish life. We value worshiping God with our whole-hearts and music plays a key role in that. During Mass, we play a mix of contemporary Christian music (such as you might hear on the radio) and traditional hymns. We have a number of talented bands that play music and lead us in worship of God.

If you join us for Mass on Sunday, you may notice some differences from other Catholic Masses you have been to. The Mass itself is the same, but because we value worship, we spend more time singing and praising God in our own words. Some people may lift their hands. Just as you might throw up your hands at a concert or when your favourite sports team scores, we sometimes lift our hands to express our joy and worship of God. 

” Mass is a celebration after all, and we want to celebrate!”

Feel free to join in, participate quietly or experience it reflectively.  

Check out our featured song for the month.

Have a question about music at St. Mary’s? Contact Warren Scherr, our music coordinator, at or at 613-728—9811 x706.