Fred Wazen

I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, but I’ve called Ottawa home for the past 29 years. I moved to Canada to continue my studies in Computer Science, but I ended up studying electronics. I worked at Nortel and later at Abbott in the semiconductors field, building telecommunication and medical components.  With over 21 years of experience in production and management, I decided to shift my focus and contribution to St Mary’s and to provide my time to help…

Jonathan Rogers

I have served the parish in a number of capacities over the past 5 years, helping with the Night of Worship and Ministry and with a few rounds of Alpha and since 2017, I have served on the Pastoral Council.

Pascale DeFrahan

I was born in Bukavu, Congo. We immigrated to Montreal shortly after. I spent my youth in Montreal; moved to Halifax for a few years and then finally to Ottawa. I went to college in Ottawa and started working at a bank. I am still employed at the same bank as a Project Manager. I spent most of my married life in Montreal and Toronto. My 2 children and two grandchildren live in Toronto.  When I moved back to Ottawa…

Jackie O’Donnell

I grew up at St. Mary’s Parish and have been involved and attending for over 35 years, minus a brief stint when I lived in Vancouver. Over the years I have been involved primarily in the area of evangelization, youth and planning.  I work for a Catholic missionary organization, Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), that works on university campuses across Canada in evangelization. I currently oversee the department that looks after our Missions, Conferences, Media & Marketing. Favourite Saint St. Elizabeth…

Natalia Lacar

Being born and raised in the Philippines gave me the opportunity to serve marginalized sectors of society in Asia and engage in missionary work in a poor rural area as a youth leader. St. Mary’s became my home parish in 2008. It gives me so much joy and satisfaction to oversee the monthly Night of Worship and Ministry and watch God at work in our midst. My other ministry involvements include Prayer and Prophetic as a co-leader, New Life Retreat…

Fr. Ken Lao, CC

On August 15, 2008, I joined the Companions of the Cross in Ottawa. I was ordained to the priesthood on June 6, 2015 and I spent my first two years as Associate Pastor at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Toronto. I was then assigned to be the Pastoral Administrator at Holy Trinity Pastoral Unity in Halifax, NS in 2017, before receiving my present assignment as Associate Pastor here at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa.

Fr. Mark Goring, CC

When I was first ordained, I was the associate pastor at St. Mary’s for 4 years. It’s nice to be back! I’ve also worked as the Companions of the Cross Vocations Direction, Chaplain at York University in Toronto and Director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas