Bayswater & Young

Ursula Schultz |

Bayswater & Young is the vibrant young ministry  stemming out of St. Mary’s Parish. We curate a diverse range of monthly events specifically designed for young adults aged 21 to 39. From socials, events and serene adoration sessions, our mission is to cultivate a strong and connected community among the young adults within our community. Join us as we create memorable experiences and forge meaningful relationships within our parish and community. 

What to Expect

Bayswater & Young is a dynamic young adults ministry with a primary focus on evangelization and building relationships with fellow young adults. Together, we strive to share our faith with colleagues, school friends, family, and acquaintances who are seeking a sense of community.

Our ultimate objective is to create a welcoming environment where young adults in our community can forge deep and meaningful connections. We aim to ensure that every individual feels acknowledged, listened to, cherished, and secure within our group.

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