At Your Service

Over the next four Sundays, Fr. Mark and Fr. Ken will be preaching about service. At St. Mary’s, we want to create a culture of serving – serving the poor, serving each other, and serving God.

The Heavenly Feast

One of the most common metaphors for heaven is “the feast”. There are numerous times throughout Scripture when Jesus refers to heaven as a feast, or a banquet, or as him dining with us. In the final homily of our preaching series, “At Your Service”, Fr. Mark reminds us that we are called to invite everyone to this amazing feast!

Serving that Produces Results

When we invest our money in stocks, we expect a return on investment. In the same way, when we go on mission, we expect to see results. Holiness is not just about being self-focused, it is about being focused on others. In this third homily in our preaching series, “At Your Service”, Fr. Ken asks, will you take the next step in holiness?

He’s Not Asking for Much

As we continue our current series called “At Your Service”, Fr. Mark shares an image he saw, the image of Jesus the suffering servant. He is at the door of our hearts asking us to serve. He sets aside his majesty, taking the form of a slave. Could you serve coffee after Mass? Could you play in the choir? Could you give a teaching? These simple tasks are not simple to him, they are very meaningful.

At Your Service

To kick off our new preaching series, Fr. Ken explains the power of a serving culture. We all need to accept our call to serve within our parish community and use the gifts that God has given us!