Homilies by Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Living a Beautiful Life

One of the most important battles we will fight is the battle to do good things. In his summer homily series, Fr. Mark encourages us to enjoy leisure and rest, but to always do so in a way that glorifies God.

Having A Soul-Filled Summer

Within us there is something of eternity and with that, we are invited to participate in it. In his homily, Fr. Mark challenges us to cry out in faith to the Lord and to trust that God wants us to experience His blessings, His power, His Divine rewards – but we must ask and let Him move in our lives.

Following the Lord is an Adventure

Following Jesus is an adventure; but adventure doesn’t mean easy. Adventure also implies doing hard things and being pushed to the limit. In this Sunday’s homily, Fr. Mark emphasizes that it’s not easy to trust God, put Him at the center of our lives, and follow Him on the adventures He calls us to. And yet, even in our struggles, we must turn to the Lord, listen for His response, and beg for the grace to do so.

Made to Love

When Jesus is asked what the greatest commandment is, he doesn’t hesitate: it is to love. We need to love God and love others. We are made by God, who is love, so we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that we were made for love! Fr. Mark reminds us that love is at the core of our identity and our mission.

The Heavenly Feast

One of the most common metaphors for heaven is “the feast”. There are numerous times throughout Scripture when Jesus refers to heaven as a feast, or a banquet, or as him dining with us. In the final homily of our preaching series, “At Your Service”, Fr. Mark reminds us that we are called to invite everyone to this amazing feast!

He’s Not Asking for Much

As we continue our current series called “At Your Service”, Fr. Mark shares an image he saw, the image of Jesus the suffering servant. He is at the door of our hearts asking us to serve. He sets aside his majesty, taking the form of a slave. Could you serve coffee after Mass? Could you play in the choir? Could you give a teaching? These simple tasks are not simple to him, they are very meaningful.

Forgiveness is a Daily Choice

God loves to forgive us! Just like the prodigal son, God is always waiting for us to turn back and repent from our past. Yet we have such a hard time forgiving each other. For some people, forgiving a person for a past hurt can be the hardest moment in their life. Fr. Mark teaches us to make forgiveness a part of each day. At the end of the day, ask yourself “who do I need to forgive today?”

The World is Not Your Final Destination

We are not of this world – but we are in this world. This world cannot receive the Holy Spirit, but we can. As humans, we have an attachment to this world that we must overcome. We have a tendency for things that are bad for us. Fr. Mark reminds us that the world is not our destination – it is a ship that brings us to our destination. We need to keep that mindset during this life.

Going After the Lost Sheep

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who always goes after the lost sheep. Fr. Mark reminds us that we are also called to be shepherds in this life and lead others into relationship with Him. Here at St. Mary’s, we bring people in and challenge them to the five week challenge – so that they can experience the love of God.