Homilies by Fr. Mark Goring, CC

What’s My Next Step?

In the Guardian Angel prayer, it states that our Guardian Angels light, guard, rule, and guide. Where is our Guardian Angel meant to guide us? Maybe you’re wondering where the Lord is leading you. Often, he only reveals the next right step, illuminating the path one phase at a time. When Jesus called his Apostles, he simply told them to follow him; he didn’t tell them exactly what the next three years would look like, but gave them a simple…

To Light, to Guard, to Rule, to Guide

Our Guardian Angels play a special role in our lives. As is outlined in the Guardian Angel prayer, they light, guard, rule, and guide. Ultimately, they reiterate God’s unique love for each of us. God provides a Guardian Angel to all of us, which speaks to the inherent dignity of each human being. As Fr. Mark explains, many Saints have had direct experiences with their Guardian Angels, and as Catholics, we are invited to do the same.

It’s Going to be a Good Year

As we begin a new year, the Church honours Mary, the Holy Mother of God who, in her Magnificat, rejoices in the Lord. Mary was in touch with the reality of the spiritual realm, and one way we can be in touch with that reality is by learning about our Guardian Angel. Fr. Mark reminds us that, as followers of Christ, we will go through trials and ordeals, but ultimately through Jesus it’s going to be a good year.

A Light in the Darkness

Many will agree that at Christmas time, humanity is at its best. People make an effort to see family, help the poor, go to church, and give each other gifts; all this while the days are getting shorter, colder, and darker. Yet in the midst of darkness, Christmas is a shining light. Fr. Mark invites us to remember that this light is the light of our newborn King, the light of Christ.

Finding Deep Peace

When you find true joy in the Lord, it outlasts the ups and downs of life. Our life is meant to have an abiding, deep, and lasting peace. Fr. Mark explains that if we want peace, we need to fight for it – figuratively; we are in a spiritual battle and the Devil is attacking us personally and collectively.

Calm Down this Advent

A core theme of the Advent Season is peace. Preparing for Christmas can often be a time of chaos and busyness, but God wants us to find calmness and stillness in this season. Not the peace that the world offers, but a deeper, spiritual peace that only God can provide. Fr. Mark shares five quotes that can help inspire us to calm down and find peace during this Advent Season.

Look Busy

In the Old Testament, God commands Moses to keep the fire burning at all times in the temple. We must also keep the fire of the Lord burning in us at all times; which means experiencing the love of God in every moment of our life. Fr. Mark explains that we can find God in even the simplest moments of our life by focusing on the duty of the moment. When Christ returns, will he find the fire of God’s…

God is Infinitely Infatuated with You

When we are upset with ourselves, we can often project that on God and think that He is upset with us as well. The truth is that God loves us at every stage, like a coach cheering us on, pushing us to get better each day – little by little. Fr. Mark explains how Wisdom chapters 11 and 12 have helped him to better comprehend the massive love of God.

Give God Permission

Fr. Bob believed that if enough people give God permission God will go to work and do wonderful things that we can’t even imagine. When enough of us give God permission he will move!