Homilies by Fr. Mark Goring, CC

The World is Not Your Final Destination

We are not of this world – but we are in this world. This world cannot receive the Holy Spirit, but we can. As humans, we have an attachment to this world that we must overcome. We have a tendency for things that are bad for us. Fr. Mark reminds us that the world is not our destination – it is a ship that brings us to our destination. We need to keep that mindset during this life.

Going After the Lost Sheep

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who always goes after the lost sheep. Fr. Mark reminds us that we are also called to be shepherds in this life and lead others into relationship with Him. Here at St. Mary’s, we bring people in and challenge them to the five week challenge – so that they can experience the love of God.

My Lord and My God

When we look into the wounds of Jesus, as St. Thomas did, we see the heart of God. Fr. Mark describes the unfathomable mercy of Jesus, our Lord and our God.

Witnessing the Resurrection

How do we know if Jesus rose from the dead if we did not witness it ourselves? As Fr. Mark explains at the Easter Vigil, the case for Christ’s resurrection is clear – hundreds of people witnessed it with their own eyes. Christ is truly risen!

Listen to Him

In the entirety of Scripture, there is only one time where God directly speaks to a large crowd of people. We see this at the Transfiguration when He says: “This is my beloved Son: listen to Him.” This is a common theme in the Bible and a commandment that we must take very seriously. Fr. Mark explains how reading the Bible is key to living out this command. We live in a broken world affected by sin, and God’s Word…

Let Love Lead Your Lent

Deciding what to do for Lent can be challenging, and sticking it can be even harder. Like a sailboat relying on the wind, we must also rely on God to strengthen our Lenten penance. Fr. Mark explains the “Daniel Fast” and how he learned to let love lead him through Lent. For more Lenten resources, visit stmarysottawa.ca/lent

Made in His Image

Do you know your identity? Many people are lost in this world searching for the truth. We are called to share the truth with the people around us – we are all children of God and made in His image. Fr. Mark explains that at St. Mary’s, we are driven by evangelization. Join the hundreds of parishioners who have decided to pray more this Lent by visiting stmarysottawa.ca/lent.

Serving the Poor in Our Community

We have a silent epidemic in our society; an epidemic of drug addiction, mental health, and poverty. As Christians, the Lord calls us again and again to serve the poor. St. Mother Teresa encouraged her followers to, “find their own Calcutta” – serve the impoverished members of their own communities. Fr. Mark explains how we can serve the poor in our neighbourhood and what St. Mary’s Parish is doing to respond to this call.

What’s My Next Step?

In the Guardian Angel prayer, it states that our Guardian Angels light, guard, rule, and guide. Where is our Guardian Angel meant to guide us? Maybe you’re wondering where the Lord is leading you. Often, he only reveals the next right step, illuminating the path one phase at a time. When Jesus called his Apostles, he simply told them to follow him; he didn’t tell them exactly what the next three years would look like, but gave them a simple…

To Light, to Guard, to Rule, to Guide

Our Guardian Angels play a special role in our lives. As is outlined in the Guardian Angel prayer, they light, guard, rule, and guide. Ultimately, they reiterate God’s unique love for each of us. God provides a Guardian Angel to all of us, which speaks to the inherent dignity of each human being. As Fr. Mark explains, many Saints have had direct experiences with their Guardian Angels, and as Catholics, we are invited to do the same.